When you have such a powerful machine as the ENV-XC, you want to also have the ability to add equipment and features; making your system uniquely your own.  Why limit yourself to just entertainment and navigation options, why not customize your ride!

    These accessories help you do just that!  Every accessory is deisgned to work within  the ENV Software interface without modification.


    OBD-II (Engine Diagnostics System)= Those engine lights and trouble codes will ruin your road trip NO MORE!  Simply install this OBD-II by plugging into one of your system’s USB ports and your car’s OBD port and you’re set. You now have a hidden OBD-II system that works directly in your touch-screen interface. The preloaded software allows you to view real-time data in addition to a series of standardized trouble codes that you, or your mechanic, can then identify and repair.  The software even allows you to clear trouble codes. 

    Rear View/ Reverse Camera, Install this full-color (with night vision) camera in your rear bumper, connect to your ENV System and PRESTO you have a clear view of what is behind you without have to crane your neck or twist your back.  Automatic switching (when properly installed) turns the camera on when you place your vehicle in reverse.  The image displayed on your In-Dash Unit (ENV-100, ENV-100b, or ENV-50) is a full color mirror image, just like your rearview mirror, except with a wider view that can’t be blocked by items stacked in your rear seat. 


    Rear View/ Reverse Parking System, Parallel parking, backing up large vehicles, and parking in tight spaces can be a hazard to your vehicle and at times your safety.  You can avoid these common parking lot collisions by installing the ENV Parking System.  This system features Sonar Technology in 4 wide angle sensors.  Each sensor has a separate indicator, on your In-Dash screen, so you know exactly which sensor has detected an obstacle in your path.  The range of each sensor is 1-5 feet (a great feature for delivery vans and fleet vehicles).  When activated, the sensors will sound an audible alert (volume controlled) that increases as your vehicle gets close to the object, at the same time your screen will display a graphic of each sensor and the proximity of each to any obsticles.   OR if you path is clear the display will read SAFE and you can move freely in the area.   


1. Parking system comes on automatically when reversing
2. Sensor: 2, 3 or 4 detectors available to satisfy full needs of customers
3. In-bumper type sensors giving the look of factory installed system
4. Digital distance display of obstacles
5. Voltage: 12-16V DC
6. Current: 10mA-300mA
7. Temperature: -30 to +70 deg. C
8. Detective range: 0.4m to 1.5m
9. Operating frequency: 40kHz
10. Aspect Ratio: 169
11. Color available: Black, White
12. Accessories: Rearview mirror monitor, Parking Sensor, Camera

Additional Accessories suggestions can be submitted by email.   If we like your idea (or better still your product) and the demand is there we will add more accessories to our lineup.  

Products may vary from pictures