Dashboard Devices, LLC. is a Florida based limited liability company.  We develop, manufacture, distribute and market entertainment and logistics based computers specifically designed to run in automotive and other 12 volt environments.  Our mission is to be a leader in automotive based infotainment systems be that for pure entertainment or for GPS tracking and fleet management solutions. We have combined intensive market research with the latest technology and innovative designs to create automotive computer systems that address the high tech wants and needs of today's drivers and their passengers.

    Dashboard Devices, LLC is poised to become a household name in the Carputer industry.  From going online with DashboardDevices.com to partnering with other companies, we strive to continue our drive to improve our products.  Our goal is to direct our research, development and our products into tools, software and designs that make life easier for everyone as we continue our trek into this world of portable digital media.

    Dashboard Devices, LLC. will be here to help you find the best products to fit your needs and to work with you to develop better ideas for how to use these new technologies.  We are always looking at ways to improve our products through field testing, research, customer support and feedback.  Our future goal is to develop our products in a way that you, our customer, will be the designer of your own unique product.  Thereby making Dashboard Devices, LLC, truly YOUR company.

    The founder of Dashboard Devices started working with Computers over 16 years ago.  At that time no one was thinking of putting PC's in Automobiles.  When the idea of an automotive system first occurred to our founder over nine years ago, PC's were large, cumbersome & slow, making true functionality in an automotive environment nearly impossible.  But that did not stop him from starting design ideas and drafting concepts.  As with all things "tech" new developments were on the horizon.  The Command line gave way to graphics and touchscreens, computers started getting smaller and required less power.  We now have custom designed mainboards no larger then a CD...touchscreen monitors you can see in direct sunlight...and some of the best programmers you can find building awesome small screen friendly programs to control it all.  The ever evolving world of technology has opened a new gateway of entertainment and functionality ... the world of the "Carputer".

    Carputers are the next evolution in Automotive Telematics.  We at Dashboard Devices have watched this market grow, from the first few "hackers" modifying full size desktops for their cars, to today's growing population of web sites, software and now hardware specifically designed for the automotive environment.  Our years of research and testing that has culminated in the development of a product line that meets current and future market demands and surpasses other products available on the market.