With Dashboard Devices "TRUzone" you and your passengers will be able to enjoy music or video without disturbing others.  

   What "TRUzone" is:   A unique system that enables both the front and rear passengers to control the media playing in the Rear-Zone without interfering with or interrupting the media currently playing on the In-Dash screen.

How is this useful?  

To the Driver: With children to young to reach the screens or unable to understand the interface, the driver is able to select anything from the stored media (Not just DVDs) and send that selection to the rear screens.  CD's, DVD's or USB key's with stored media can be accessed directly from the dash safely with never having to turn around trying to reach a rear headrest screen.  Additionally, if the rear passengers don't agree on what to watch the driver can  "lock" the rear touchscreens and have full control over what the rear zones output. 

To the Passenger: The passengers have full control over what they watch using their own 7" Touchscreen monitors.   With full access to the same media library as the driver they can select music, movies, radio stations, weather or even know where you are traveling using the GPS Viewer.

What's Included:
  1. Two 7" touchscreen Head Rest Monitors.
  2. TRUzone HUB (enables the passenders to use their own USB devices and corded headphones)
  3. Two RF (radio frequency) headphones.  RF means you have no line-of-sight limitations.  You are free to move about the vehicle (when its safe to do so of course) or walk outside and still hear your media playing.  Headphones have rotating earphones for easy storage in rear seat pockets.

 RF Headphones Features,
 RF wireless stereo headphone system (Dual Channel)
 Slide switch for 2 channel selection
 Receive signals up to 60 meters
 Earphones rotate for easy storage
 Power supply: 2 AAA batteries

    The second TRUzone kit to be released are Roofmount units with a Wireless remote control.  This unit would be a good fit for larger vehicles, Limo's, Boats, Buses or custom uses where a set of headrest is not the preferred method of interaction.  

Products may vary from pictures