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    Dashboard Devices manufacturers Vehicle Computers that are either a direct replacement for Car Radios or a new addition to any vehicle, be that Car, Truck, RV, Fleet Vehicle, Boat or Plane.  The ENV(Entertainment and Navigation for Vehicles) Systems are the world’s most complete and modular vehicle computer solution available today.  With this Entertainment system  "Are we there yet?", is replaced by "Awww, were there already"...

    Nearly fifty years ago, infotainment consisted of only AM radio.  Years later came FM radio even Record Players, check this article Digital Trends (.pdf), next came 8-Track and Cassette Tape then Compact Disc.

    Fast forward to today and vehicles are no longer just a medium of transport but an extension of your home and digital life style.  They have become a place to do business, access real time road and destination information and experience state of the art entertainment from a multitude of media sources.  All of which are easily and stylishily accomplished with the ENV Systems, You can even keep in touch with co-workers and friends through e-mails and SMS messaging, or find your vehicle when needed with GPS Tracking and Emergency services through our built-in GSM, HSDPA or CDMA module**.

    Dashboard Devices has set the pace for the all-in-one Vehicle Infotainment Computers (VIC) with our ENV Systems  The ENV Computers are a major update to any vehicle new or old.  Updating your system to a full computer has never been so easy!  Simply replace your current stereo with one of our in-dash units, a direct bolt-in replacement with sunlight readable touchscreen, and link it to one of the ENV Computers, a full-fledged computer able to complete any and all tasks required.  The systems are even preinstalled with user-friendly touchscreen software, so you have a safety and security device right at your finger-tips.

   Features (to name just a few):

  1. Passenger entertainment "TRUzone";
           A Truly independent Multi-Zone system plus both zones can control the rear Zone...
  2. GPS, with hard drive stored maps, quick rendering of locations, POI, & Voice Directions;
  3. Communication services like GSM/3G (cell phone), WiFi and Bluetooth;
  4. Productivity services; email, web browsing, voice-recording;
  5. Vehicle tracking, Emergency calling**;
  6. Voice Control;
  7. Text-to-Speech;
  8. Locally stored Audio and Video on a large internal hard drive;
  9. Connectivity with Portable Media Players;
  10. Hands-Free Phone via Bluetooth;
  11. Automatic Software Updates;
  12. Plug-ins to expand the systems features (SDK available);

Plus a lot more.....
   (** additional hardware/contracts may be required)

The ENV Systems offer accessory features to give you everything you need for a full vehicle system.  Dashboard Devices' ENV Systems are the worlds only systems to offer "TRUzone™", for more on this feature click here.   We also offer OBDII, (On-Board Engine Diagnostic)  Accessories, Rear Parking Sensors and are compatible with other USB or Serial based devices.  Being a full-fledged computer the system is easy to configure for your personal style and use.

    Have questions, let us know, if you have a custom want send us an email.