What is the ENV-LT?

        The ENV-LT, 'Logistics & Tracking' System has a number of features built-in from Wifi and Bluetooth to the optional GSM or 4G cell phone ability.  With Internet you will be able to track your vehicles and it's cargo no matter where it goes.

          Use the ENV-DVR 'Digital Video Recorder' System for recording video in four directions, keeping a clear view all every angle on your vehicle.  When something happens on the road you will have a complete digital copy for proof along with your records.

          Both the ENV-LT and ENV-DVR systems combine abilities like, navigation, route planning, real-time track and trace, cargo management, video cameras, two-way communication and a lot more.  You can connect additional external hardware like serial and USB devices such as Printers, barcode scanners, card swipes, plus more devices to assist in your administrative functions.  As with all ENV Systems the ENV-LT pairs with either in-dash or on-dash touchscreen monitors.  Each system starts with an 80GB hard drive with the options of either a 160GB or 320GB hard drive, you can even use Compact Flash or 2.5" SSD drives for a full solid state device.

The ENV-LT Systems save you time and money!

    Command your fleet from the comfort of your own office.  Be able to instantly track your vehicles and cargo, connect with your employees through email, text or built-in cell phone/  If you need larger bandwidth you can add either GSM or full 4G speed for internet all the time.  Also send route maps or schedule changes and immediately know when your shipments have arrived at their location using Geofencing.

      Additionally, employees can communicate with you and even file their paperwork directly from the field without having to come into the office, saving time and money.  Your hardware needs may differ from others so we have developed modular systems0 that let you more easily customize a design to best fit your needs.

      We can work with you for either a locked down system that will only do what you want it to or an open system enabling your employees to do what they need the way they want, being modular based we can fit many types of needs.

      With a range of CPU's from Geode, CoreDuo, Core2Duo to the new Atom processor, we have you covered.  If your requirements are for either the Windows or Linux operating sysyems you can talk to us for more details.

      Run your own software.  Or use our Touchscreen friendly software on your systems.  Our software is touchscreen friendly, has a plugin ability so you can add features no one else has or just embed your software and use our interface as a program launcher.  Think of what you need, from the above Thermal printer to Credit Card Swipes or do you have a custom need?  Let us know...



Port Configurations:

Standard Industrial:
  • RS232C serial port with 5/12V (Sub D 9-pin male)
  • 3 x RS232A/RS485 port with 12v (4-pin MicroFit)
  • Dual USB 2.0 (standard A socket)
  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet (RJ45)

Standard Logistic:
  • RS232C serial port with 5/12V (Sub D 9-pin male)
  • RS232A/RS485 port with 12v (4-pin MicroFit)
  • Dual USB 2.0 (standard A socket)
  • Parallel Port (Mini D Ribbon 26-pin)

Custom Connection Possibilities:
  • 4 x RS232/RS422/RS485
  • 4 x USB 2.0, Can, 12C
  • Parallel, audio line out, TV-out



The ENV-LT systems can
be custom designed
meet the specific needs
of your fleet, be it larger
touch screen monitors or
your own fleet management
software solutions or connection to other custom componits.

*Custom designs may have minimum quantity order requirements.



    Learn more about the ENV-LT Systems or to discuss custom options please contact us for more details.

Products may vary from pictures