We develop and build fully integrated infotainment systems as full car radio replacement units.  Our ENV-XC Systems increase the safety, with full sourround sound output, bluetooth, Wifi and optional GSM (SIM Card based Cell Phone Modem) built directly into each system.  

    Knowing that our customers want more we have also developed a "TRUzone" system.  This offers a second independently controlled second set of Headrests monitors or a large size Roof Mount monitor (roof mount coming soon).  For more detail on this system check the TRUzone page.

    Although the ENV-XC may be tiny, approximately 1.77"x4.25"x6.61" (45x108x168mm), it is a fully functional computer!  The Intel Core Duo processor, 160GB hard drive and 1GB RAM, allow you to store and easily access all your music, movies, videos, pictures, etc.  You no longer have to worry about lugging around and scratching up your expensive CDs and DVDs.  Furthermore, the ENV-XC has several built-in features such as WiFi (with external antenna), Dual Soundcards, Dual FM/RDS/TMC Radio Tuners, Integrated GPS receiver (including antenna), and many more!

    Making the computer external from the In-Dash unit allows the system to be more easily installed in a variety of vehicles and is open to various configurations. The ENV-XC connects to your ENV In-Dash Unit and your TRUzone Kit with just ONE wire each. This allows the system to be installed without having to heavily modify the interior of your vehicle.

    The ENV-XC is designed to work in all automotive environments and even has a harddrive heater for cold-weather conditions. The system automatically powers on when you start your ignition and the programmable shutdown timer allows you to choose how long your system will stay powered when you turn your ignition off.

ENV-XC Accessories Specifications

ENV-XC rear with 3.5in harddrive on top ENV-XC angeled with 3.5in harddrive on top ENV-XC front with 3.5in harddrive on top
ENV-XC from the side ENV-XC from the rear ENV-XC from the side
ENV-XC from the side ENV-XC from the front ENV-XC from the side

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