Dashboard Devices’ ENV-XC and ENV-PRO Systems come preinstalled with the most innovative automotive pc software available today.

    The ENV Systems offer unparalleled features, empowering & simplifying driver plus passenger control over a wide range of functions, including:

Main Menu

Find a 4 level Main Menu for a total of 24 functions. Now including nested Menus for access to more functions and user changeable Background images (as shown).

Screen Bt Phone

Use the big touchscreen to take and make calls while on the move, with minimal distraction.

Email Reader

Email directly from your dash. Or use the Voice Recorder and attached it to your email for hands free email replies..


Dashboard Devices gives you the fastest, clearest GPS navigation suite available.

GPS Address

Put in your destination using an intuitive multi menu.

GPS Options

Access an old route in seconds using the touchscreen interface.


Have the system find and direct you to thousands of Points of Interest.

GPS Route

Hear crisp voice prompts with turn-by-turn routing. Enjoy music while the GPS lowers the volume so you can hear the voice prompts.


Listen and control your iPod the same way as local media in the Playlist screen or import your iPod to your hard drive.

Main Menu

Now including nested Menus for access to more functions and user changeable Background images (as shown).


Create the sound your looking for in your music and movies then store an unlimited amount of presets.


Engine Diagnostics support (additional hardware required)


View TDC's (Trouble Codes) and read them in Plain text, no more looking up codes.


Your pictures come brilliantly to life, for review and immediate touchscreen access.


Access full digital control of the included FM radio.

Artist Search

Day or night, you’ll find it easy to manage your music. Keep things organized for easy retrieval by artist or user-customized playlists.

Search Web

Surf the web, play online games or use a chat program to keep in touch, all through your touchscreen monitor.

Search Web

Walk-through this Tutorial for a better understaing of the Uesr Interface. It also includes popup help on the right.

Screen shots below are user created skins...

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